Foreign Language Services Team Huntsville AL

“When you limit focus, you multiply achievement.”

-Michael Hyatt, Achievement Conference 2018.

FLS attended the 2018 Achievement Conference, held in Brentwood, Tennessee on September 14th and 15th.  This conference was organized and led by Michael Hyatt, the creator of the Full Focus Planner (FFP), and his team. Every FLS staff member began using the FFP this past July.  We attended the conference to make sure we were using the planner to its fullest potential and with the purpose of achieving our goals in all areas of life. Both days, dynamic speakers on the Michael Hyatt team provided thought-provoking, challenging, and useful insights on how to best use and get the most out of our planners.

Broken into eight sessions, each session’s speaker highlighted topics on goal achievement. One such session much appreciated by Elizabeth D’Angelo, Josi Sellers, and Maria Boyette focused on getting into the habit of daily journaling…a practice Josi said she had unintentionally stopped but was so glad to be reminded. Creating a daily journaling habit will increase your self-awareness, says Hyatt. Elizabeth found another of Hyatt’s ideas intriguing: “Journalism will help you observe your life– don’t let life pass by unnoticed and don’t be defined by one bad week or day.” For Maria, the quote “…watch your life from the outside and the inside…” further reiterated the importance of keeping a daily journal.

Megan Hyatt Miller’s, CEO of the Hyatt Group, spoke on the importance of protecting our biggest priorities, which resonated with Madison Hughes. To seriously set priorities, it is crucial to establish “non-negotiables”, the things that are essential to drive results in your work and personal life. The nonnegotiables mentioned centered around self-care, relational, and professional categories.

FLS’ Translation Manager Daniel Valcarcel chose “the difference between successful people and really successful people is that the really successful people say no to almost everything.” This is exactly what establishing non-negotiables is about—  you can have a “why” explanation to defend your “no”.

The Conference’s very first session was on Goal Achievement.  For Caroline Myers, from this first session, there were many takeaways.  “As FLS’s President, I valued most Hyatt’s repeated message of setting SMARTER goals and setting Daily Big 3 goals. With 252 workdays in a year, the incremental changes of achieving 756 daily goals should result in meeting both quarterly and annual goals. Incremental change over time is a way to learn lessons. As Hyatt pointed out, to climb Mt. Everest, you prepare and do a little at a time.”

Carolina Coates liked the idea of the importance of looking backward and forward to achieve goals. “Allow the past and future to inform the present, then use the present to transform the future.”  As a final thought, we can use the pursuit of our goals and the achieving or falling short of our goals to propel us to the future to constantly and consistently improve our work and personal lives, to become high achievers in all areas of our lives.