Located in Huntsville, AL, Foreign Language Services (FLS, Inc.) provides technical translation and interpreting services in over 80 languages.

Breaking Through Language Barriers. Whether your business requires technical translations or your customers have a need for face-to-face interpreting, the language experts at FLS help you break through language barriers. FLS can even provide corporate language support services for employees relocating from abroad or for temporary assignments in other countries.

Ever since Wernher von Braun brought a large team of German scientists and their families to North Alabama in the 1950s, Huntsville has cultivated a reputation as a desirable career destination for engineers and high tech professionals. Centered in a city where written and verbal communication on an international scale is key to everyone’s success, FLS leads the way in translation and interpreting services.

Over 38 Years of Experience. FLS utilizes technologically advanced tools and an experienced staff to provide everything needed to communicate in a foreign language. Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • Technical and certified (legal) document translations
  • Interpreting
  • Translation/graphic design for marketing support and web
  • Video transcription and voiceover translation
  • Bilingual/technical staff placement

Outstanding Customer Service. FLS is centered around our Core Values and our commitment to excellence in every job. From government agencies to corporations, small businesses to individuals, all of our customers know they can trust FLS!


FLS belongs to a number of professional and civic organizations in our local community and throughout the translation and interpreting community.