Being a leader in foreign language services keeps our company in the spotlight with everything from consistent upgrades to our tools and techniques, to ongoing training for our employees, special contracts with international customers, and announcements about our growth and expansion into new arenas that affect our industry.

Business Alabama: Stocking Language Supplies

February 27, 2013

For translation services, Alabama companies don’t need to cross the border. Huntsville-based Foreign Language Services has been providing translation services for over 25 years, cultivating an international network of freelance translators.

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Business Alabama Magazine: Women in Charge

April, 2012

After more than 30 years running the daily operations of Foreign Language Services, Inc. Caroline Myers says one truth remains. Lack of clear, effective communication can wreck everything from multi-million dollar industrial development deals to tornado victim’s attempts to rebuild their lives…

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Foreign Language Services Awarded New 5-Year USPTO Contract

August 7, 2012

Caroline Myers, co-founder and director of Huntsville’s Foreign Language Services signed their third 5-year contract with the United States Patent & Trademark Office late Friday afternoon, building upon an existing 15-year relationship with the agency who is part of the Department of Commerce. FLS’s core team of forty certified legal and patent translators decipher over 1,500 patents of varying subject matter per year for the agency.

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March 15, 2012

The following BBC article, Building Babel: Lost in Machine Translation concerning automatic language translation. It discusses the ins and outs, the role Google plays in the industry, its pitfalls, and the advances being made. Enjoy!