Elizabeth joined the FLS team in 2017 and her journey here is nothing short of extraordinary. She made her way to the states from her home in Mar de Plata, Argentina in 1999. Her first stop: New York! She arrived with only fifteen dollars in her pocket. She came to America to care for her dad, who was very ill, and she cared for him until his passing.  From there, she found her way to Miami and in December 2005 moved with her family to Huntsville.

Elizabeth began her career in the language industry as a bilingual Spanish-English interpreter. Her desire to become an interpreter was sparked when caring for her dad in New York. No interpreters were provided to assist them, so her dad had to act as Elizabeth’s interpreter. This left such an impression that she committed then and there to become a medical interpreter so she could assist others in the same situation.

Deciding to stay in the States after her father’s death, she began learning English. Elizabeth acquired the tool set to be an interpreter through intense study, English classes in Miami, and her studies at Calhoun Community College in Huntsville. It did not take her long to reach her goal of passing the National Board Certification for medical interpreters, which she did in April 2017, and is now a CMI-Spanish interpreter.

FLS got to know Elizabeth first as an independent contractor in 2014. She joined FLS as a full-time staff member in January 2017 and became the Lead Medical Interpreter in October. In this role, she schedules appointments with many busy outpatient clinics and freelance interpreters; however, she would say her most significant role is interpreting for patients of all ages in many of these outpatient clinics!

Elizabeth thoroughly enjoys her role as an interpreter, which gives her the opportunity to provide a bridge between two languages. When asked what she likes about FLS, she said: “Besides interpreting for the many doctors, staff and patients, I enjoy working at FLS because of the office environment and the people I work with! We laugh a lot and we enjoy each other!” The feeling is mutual.

Elizabeth lives in Meridianville, AL, with her two sons, Brandon and Gavin, and her three dogs, Daisy, Sandy, and Hatchee! When she needs to decompress, she scrapbooks or takes the latest Coursera courses.

Eva jokes that although she was born in California, she was made in Mexico. Growing up, Eva’s dad took her and her 4 siblings to Mexico every summer to immerse them in the Spanish language and maintain their Mexican heritage.

Eva has been interpreting from an early age, far before she knew what it meant to be an interpreter. She assisted her father’s landscaping business as a “secretary”, helping his clients and staff communicate. Later on, Eva was introduced to legal interpreting while working at an attorney’s office in California.

The attorney’s office often needed a court interpreter for their clients and she was struck by the level of professionalism and experience possessed by this interpreter. This experience showed her what it meant to be an interpreter, and although she wasn’t an interpreter by professional standards, she was certain she could become one.

When a church friend invited Eva to come to Anniston, Alabama due to a need for interpreters, Eva jumped at the chance to help. Even though the need was in a state across the country, Eva felt ties to the community through her Hispanic heritage. She wasn’t sure if she knew enough to help, but someone told her, “If I don’t need a certificate to speak English, you don’t need a certificate to speak Spanish.” Eva took the opportunity to help and ran with it.

Eva began working with FLS in 2007 after attending one of FLS’s “Beginning of Interpreting” orientations. She works full-time at her local health department, so most of her FLS assignments are after hours DHR appointments.

Eva is now CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters) certified and is co-chair of the Education Committee for ITAA (Interpreters and Translators Association of Alabama).

It is obvious to anyone who speaks with Eva that she is passionate about interpreting. She says interpreting is a passion, not a check and that she would do it for free if she could.

Fun fact: Eva owns an ever-growing collection of dictionaries that she studies each night while catching up on Netflix shows.

FLS is grateful for Eva’s excellent work and her many contributions to our company and our community!

Carolina was born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, Mexico. She is the youngest of 6 children and the rest of her family still lives in Mexico. Carolina has always enjoyed pushing herself, so when she realized English was her weakest subject in school, she decided to embrace the challenge of becoming bilingual head on.

In 2002, Carolina enrolled at Shane’s Global Village English Center in Calgary, Canada. After completing her courses in Canada, Carolina briefly returned to Mexico before moving to Florida. While living in Florida, she teamed up with a local YMCA and got her first exposure to informal interpreting. Carolina provided pro bono services for clients in need of legal help; she also provided simultaneous interpreting for her church.

After living in Florida for 5 years, Carolina moved to Virginia, and then, finally, Huntsville, AL. When she first arrived here, she was struck by how happy and warm people are in Huntsville. She and her two kids have lived here for the past six years and have made Huntsville their home.

Carolina came to FLS by way of her church and the connections she made there. Although Carolina’s background is in marketing, she has always enjoyed the challenge of mastering new things. Carolina started as the office administrator for FLS in 2015 and was soon thereafter promoted to Interpreting Practice Manager. She has been instrumental in implementing a new scheduling system for contract interpreters. Her favorite thing about working at FLS is being empowered and seeing her ideas coming to fruition. Fun fact: Carolina also loves salsa dancing and is an excellent pianist!

To learn more about Carolina and the rest of the FLS staff, click here to read their bios!

It is such a pleasure to be part of a business that makes a difference in our world on a daily basis. FLS serves our community, state, and country by facilitating communication to limited or non-English speakers and to our corporate customers by providing translation and interpreting services.

In late 2016, the FLS staff, with the help of our business consultant, made a conscious decision to transform FLS in the way we conduct our business, from our mission and core values to our operations. Were we operating as efficiently as possible? Were our employees in the right roles? What could we do better, faster, and more cost effectively? Which sectors had the most potential for growth? What tools and systems could we put in place to assure this transformation? Did our logo, which depicted pages in a book, accurately represent a language service provider in today’s digital world? As a visual sign of our willingness to ask the tough questions and do everything we can to improve and grow as a company, we’re proud to unveil our new logo:

FLS appreciates our customers for their ongoing loyalty over the years. We highly regard our interpreters and translators who provide our clients phenomenal service time after time. As we look forward to 2018, our goal is to continue to grow and evolve as a company.  Please stay tuned for more exciting changes!


Caroline S. Myers

President and Director

FLS, Inc.

For the past 15+ years, Kelly has worked with FLS as a contract translator. He has been the cornerstone of FLS’s Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) to English translation services during this time period. Kelly’s contributions to FLS’s contract with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as one example, are immeasurable. He has translated over 1000 documents containing millions of words with accuracy, timeliness, and professionalism.

While living in Taiwan, Kelly had the opportunity to explore potential opportunities in both translation and interpreting. A few years later, when he was living back in the states, a friend of his (who is a Japanese translator) provided him some firsthand knowledge of translation and helped him launch his career… and the rest is history! Kelly says his favorite thing about being a translator is the challenge of conveying the nuances of one language in another. As a freelancer, he also enjoys the freedom and flexibility of being able to set his own schedule.

Kelly hails from “Colorful Colorado” and is an avid retro gamer and video game collector. So when he’s not busy translating for FLS (or any of his many other clients!), you’ll probably find him playing classic Super Nintendo games with his kids. FLS is thankful for Kelly’s stellar work over the past 15 years and we hope he’ll continue to accept FLS assignments for many years to come!

Josi joined FLS in September of 2016, but her love of language and diverse cultures started long before then. Josi says she always knew she would pursue an occupation that utilized her passion for the Spanish language and culture.

Josi attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) on a full basketball scholarship and she used this scholarship to attain a degree in Foreign Language and International Trade. During her time at UAH, Josi spent a month in Costa Rica completing an internship working with young children. This experience further solidified her love for the Hispanic culture.

After graduating, Josi joined FLS as the Office Administrator and in May of 2017, she was promoted into the role of Business Development. Josi now spends most of her time calling on current and potential clients throughout the North Alabama area. She takes every opportunity to interface with companies, clinics, and schools whose stakeholders need assistance communicating in a foreign language.

Josi is not a Huntsville native; she has lived in Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia and lower Alabama, but she considers Huntsville to be her favorite. Fun fact: Josi has an identical twin! So, if you think you see Josi out and about, greet her in Spanish. If you get an “Hola” in return, you’ll know you’ve got the right twin.











FLS is thrilled to officially welcome its two newest employees: Madison Hughes and Matt Keffer. Madison joined FLS in May 2017 as the new Office Administrator/Assistant Program Manager and Matt joined FLS in October 2017 as the new Translation Practice Manager. Madison has a background in Education and Behavioral Health Care and Matt has a background in Physics and Engineering. Madison is learning Spanish and Matt is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. Both Madison and Matt have become valued members of the FLS team during the short times with the company and both of them look forward to helping shape the future of FLS!

To learn more about Madison and Matt, as well as the rest of the FLS team, click here to read their bios.

Meet the 2017 Staff of FLS… Five awesome ladies and one great guy who help our clients speak the many languages needed to do global business. They are, from left to right:

Josi Saunders, Elizabeth D’Angelo, Matthew Keffer, Caroline Myers, Madison Hughes, and Carolina Coates.


Their individual bios are found in Meet the FLS Team. They are assisted by many translation and interpreting contractors, who are both accomplished multilingual communicators and subject experts in the many technical fields needed by our clients.

In January, the staff finalized three Core Values that exemplify the manner in which we serve our community. We serve them with Integrity, we strive for Quality in every job; and we empower through Education.

Our next blog will focus on Medical Interpreting. Stay tuned.



Professional Development Opportunity for Interpreters

FLS, in partnership with InterLingo Language Service, is offering a 2-hour workshop for medical interpreters. The workshop will take place on January 21, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. We will meet at Huntsville Hub, to address the topic of safety for our medical interpreters at work. This workshop will award attendees with 0.15 IMIA CEUs. The workshop will be delivered by Kamilah Torres, RMA, CMI-Spanish, an interpreter trainer.

To sign up, please fill out your contact information here, and complete your payment through our PayPal account.

The deadline to sign up is January 11, 2017.

We look forward to meeting our colleagues and contractors, and any interested interpreters in Alabama and surrounding states!