Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between translation and interpreting?

Translation refers to the written process of converting a document from one language to another.  Interpreting refers to the verbal process of communicating a dialogue between two or more people.  Both require bilingual ability, an educated knowledge of both languages, and a native ability in the target language.

Can you translate/interpret my language?

FLS provides translation and interpreting services in over 80 languages and we are certain that we can handle any language needed. Please refer to the many testimonials on our website.

What services do you provide?

FLS provides translation and interpreting services as well as related services such as bilingual staffing and video voice-overs. We also provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services. All of our services are customized for the needs of each client.

Who do you provide services for?

Our customers are widespread across the United States in both the federal, state, and private sectors. We are also very proud of the work we do in our home state of Alabama.

How quickly can you translate my document(s)?

Translation can be done efficiently when using an experienced translator. A job can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on its length.  Typically, we say that a translator can easily handle 10,000 words/week.

Do you provide foreign languages lessons/classes?

FLS only provides customized courses for businesses or other corporate groups.  Our teachers must be trained in how to teach a foreign language;  speaking a language does not necessarily mean knowing how to teach a language.  In addition, since we do not provide credit for courses, we suggest that a more formal experience through the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) or a course online might be a better solution.

Do you provide notary services? Can you notarize my document?

When we translate a legal document that must be certified, we also notarize the document. Our certification statement is used primarily on legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills, etc.

What certifications do your translators/interpreters have?

To work for FLS, our translators must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a minimum of five years experience
  • Must have a subject matter expertise
  • Must be credentialed either by the American Translator’s Association (ATA) or its equivalent in other countries

To work for FLS, our interpreters must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a native speaker of the foreign language
  • Must be experienced and have participated in a customized training session(s) from FLS
  • For medical interpreting, a certification through CCHI or CMI is preferred, and/or coursework and study towards the goal of certification

Are you currently hiring?

Although we are not currently hiring any in house managers or linguists, we are always looking for experienced freelance interpreters and translators in all languages and ASL. We would love to get to know you! Please send a cover letter and a copy of your resume to and we will arrange to meet you in person or via Skype.