Eva jokes that although she was born in California, she was made in Mexico. Growing up, Eva’s dad took her and her 4 siblings to Mexico every summer to immerse them in the Spanish language and maintain their Mexican heritage.

Eva has been interpreting from an early age, far before she knew what it meant to be an interpreter. She assisted her father’s landscaping business as a “secretary”, helping his clients and staff communicate. Later on, Eva was introduced to legal interpreting while working at an attorney’s office in California.

The attorney’s office often needed a court interpreter for their clients and she was struck by the level of professionalism and experience possessed by this interpreter. This experience showed her what it meant to be an interpreter, and although she wasn’t an interpreter by professional standards, she was certain she could become one.

When a church friend invited Eva to come to Anniston, Alabama due to a need for interpreters, Eva jumped at the chance to help. Even though the need was in a state across the country, Eva felt ties to the community through her Hispanic heritage. She wasn’t sure if she knew enough to help, but someone told her, “If I don’t need a certificate to speak English, you don’t need a certificate to speak Spanish.” Eva took the opportunity to help and ran with it.

Eva began working with FLS in 2007 after attending one of FLS’s “Beginning of Interpreting” orientations. She works full-time at her local health department, so most of her FLS assignments are after hours DHR appointments.

Eva is now CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters) certified and is co-chair of the Education Committee for ITAA (Interpreters and Translators Association of Alabama).

It is obvious to anyone who speaks with Eva that she is passionate about interpreting. She says interpreting is a passion, not a check and that she would do it for free if she could.

Fun fact: Eva owns an ever-growing collection of dictionaries that she studies each night while catching up on Netflix shows.

FLS is grateful for Eva’s excellent work and her many contributions to our company and our community!