Ileana Gonzalez-Tablada, Spanish Medical InterpreterIleana was born in Miami to two Cuban parents. She lived in Miami for 22 years before her husband’s job as a software engineer took her to Texas, then New Jersey, then finally, Huntsville. Ileana and Jose were high school sweethearts before tying the knot. Although Ileana wasn’t keen on all the moving at the time, she and Jose will celebrate 30 years of marriage in January, so it was worth the compromise.

Ileana has been interpreting in the Huntsville area for the past 13 years. When Ileana came to Huntsville, she met a friend (Silvia Moran) who introduced her to FLS. Thankfully, she has been a contract medical and community interpreter ever since then.

Ileana is certified as a Bridging the Gap medical interpreter and her favorite type of appointment is speech therapy. She has been told by families that their child’s life would be completely different without the doctors and the FLS interpreter.

Not only is Ileana an interpreter, she is also a mother of five, a licensed real estate agent, and she has a killer serve on the tennis court. Needless to say, Ileana stays busy and the staff at FLS appreciates all that she does for us and for our community.