translating business documents

Julie Jaeger, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, is a long-time translator and friend to FLS. Julie began her translating career while living in St. Paul, Minnesota. While working full time at 3M and capitalizing on her education, she began providing translation services to outside clients to earn extra money. She discovered she enjoyed translation work and subsequently began freelancing full-time; Julie’s languages are Japanese and English.

A B.S. in Chemistry and Business with a minor in East Asian Studies set Julie on her path to becoming a professional freelance translator.  Her two-year tenure in Japan, where she absorbed both language and culture, solidified her career.  As FLS translation managers got to know Julie, they discovered they had found an excellent patent translator— her attention to detail,  knowledge of the technical language and prompt deliveries solidified FLS’s decision to include her in our “preferred” roster of Japanese contract translators.  This coincided perfectly with multiple U.S. Patent and Trademark Office contracts awarded to FLS over twenty years.  It is difficult to pinpoint the exact number of translation projects and documents Julie has performed for FLS; suffice it to say it might easily be in the thousands.

“By being a freelancer,” according to Julie, “there are more benefits than drawbacks: independence, no commute, no office politics, tax benefits, to name a few.”  From the start of her translation career, she had plenty of work. The benefit of retaining the learning of Japanese was that she could make a living out of it, but it truly comes from the enjoyment of foreign languages. Julie’s clients are mostly in eastern and southern states, like Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Julie currently resides in California. We asked Julie to provide us with an interesting fact to share with the FLS community. To end her spotlight, she has asked for prayers. Due to the wildfire outbreaks, hearts are heavy with victims who have lost their homes. For Julie, she has been very fortunate that her house has been saved multiple times from the Carr Fire and a smaller fire that happened four days earlier. She has returned home after being evacuated from this devastating fire just two and half weeks ago. So, if we could assist Julie in sending out our good thoughts and prayers for the people who have lost land and homes, FLS would greatly appreciate that!