For the past 15+ years, Kelly has worked with FLS as a contract translator. He has been the cornerstone of FLS’s Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) to English translation services during this time period. Kelly’s contributions to FLS’s contract with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as one example, are immeasurable. He has translated over 1000 documents containing millions of words with accuracy, timeliness, and professionalism.

While living in Taiwan, Kelly had the opportunity to explore potential opportunities in both translation and interpreting. A few years later, when he was living back in the states, a friend of his (who is a Japanese translator) provided him some firsthand knowledge of translation and helped him launch his career… and the rest is history! Kelly says his favorite thing about being a translator is the challenge of conveying the nuances of one language in another. As a freelancer, he also enjoys the freedom and flexibility of being able to set his own schedule.

Kelly hails from “Colorful Colorado” and is an avid retro gamer and video game collector. So when he’s not busy translating for FLS (or any of his many other clients!), you’ll probably find him playing classic Super Nintendo games with his kids. FLS is thankful for Kelly’s stellar work over the past 15 years and we hope he’ll continue to accept FLS assignments for many years to come!