Ray Ables FLS Contract Interpreter

FLS is pleased to spotlight Ray Ables, a Spanish contract interpreter who resides in Fairhope, Alabama. Ray’s interpreting career began at a very young age while living in Ecuador, where he was born. At the age of four, he accompanied some of his US relatives to the market. There he discovered he could communicate effectively (speak and understand both languages.) From then on, his parents urged him to use English at home to achieve native fluency in both languages. Ray began a second career teaching Spanish full-time (and on occasion Social Studies, History, Latin, and Guitar) in private schools for grades Pre-Kindergarten through Twelfth grade for eight years in various locations in the States. He also obtained a TEFL Certification to teach English.

The ability to speak Spanish and English fluently helped Ray earn both State and National credentials. In 2015, he received his Provisional Certification with the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts, later scoring in the 98th percentile on the Alabama Foreign Language Court Interpreter Written Exam and then passed the Oral Exam to receive full certification. Since 1999, Ray has been a Certified Medical Interpreter by the UAB International Medical Service.

We asked Ray why he enjoys his profession and his reply resonated with us: “I enjoy being of service and knowing that my expertise can help make a difference in someone’s life.” FLS has been grateful to have access to his expertise in the Spanish and English languages since 2015.
Ray has had the opportunity to travel and live in Ecuador and Argentina for a combined 16 years. Stateside, he has lived in Illinois, Arizona, and New Mexico before coming to Alabama, where for the last ten years, he has resided in Fairhope, Alabama and assists FLS mainly in South Alabama.

Ray is a world-wide traveler, and his language skills expand beyond Spanish and English. He is also conversational in Portuguese and can speak a little French, Italian, German, and Latin. And to add to his language skills, Ray enjoys music and plays the guitar, saxophone, and auxiliary percussion.

It is such a pleasure to work with Ray!