With the continued growth of international trade, FLS assists many multinational companies who import and export their vital business communications. Our interpreters bridge language barriers, whether in manufacturing plants, board rooms, or offices.

In the 1990s, Alabama began welcoming foreign companies seeking a spot to build their manufacturing plants all over the state. In 1993, FLS received a call from a Mercedes supplier who needed on-site administrative and bilingual assistance in Japanese. We began translating German documents for Mercedes soon thereafter and suddenly started receiving calls from other newly based Alabama companies looking for skilled bilingual interpreters and translators who might re-locate for short or long periods of time. Thus, bilingual staff placement services became another important niche and one which we continue serving.

Our interpreters are not necessarily here in Alabama — they come from everywhere. When we receive a request for an interpreter, the first question we ask is, “What is the technical subject that will be discussed?” We then find an interpreter with the appropriate background and language to ensure optimal communications and a smooth process. One such interpreter was thrilled to be able to travel to Mexico for an annual board meeting, held in a very nice resort. The next year, we sent the same interpreter to Michigan in the middle of a snowstorm. Not quite as pleasant, but the company was happy to see the same interpreter and they picked up right where they left off!