Whether in court or an attorney’s office for a deposition, FLS’s interpreters make a huge difference in the overall legal process for all parties involved.

FLS offers training to bilingual interpreters within our geographic area, emphasizing the need for continual study, practice, and maintaining the skill level required in order to competently interpret everything said. Our interpreters attend child advocacy hearings, municipal and district court hearings and depositions, the latter often taking place in attorneys’ offices.

For the past several years, our ASL interpreters have provided services to a young man who is a border at a special school, providing these services 12 hours/day throughout the week. We recognize the importance of our presence there and do everything in our power to make sure an interpreter is present when needed.

Whether for the Department of Justice, a state or local court, or a deposition, FLS provides experienced interpreters who don’t rest until the job is done!