Imagine you are on a temporary stay from another country and during that time, you need surgery. Afterwards, you must make frequent visits to the surgeon’s practice for rechecks, and then on to rehabilitation therapy. If you are in the Huntsville area, you are in good hands with our medical interpreters!

FLS interpreters assist patients whose first language is not English on a daily basis. We are proud to serve the many hospitals and clinics in our North Alabama area, both in the hospital, and on an outpatient basis. In 2013, FLS was awarded a contract for outpatient clinic services by Huntsville’s largest hospital. We began with one full-time Spanish interpreter and in August 2015, added a second full-time interpreter to accommodate the increased demand. In addition, FLS fills an important niche through providing interpreters whenever there is an overflow of appointments.

As an adjunct to inpatient care, once a patient is sent home from the hospital, there are often follow-up appointments at the outpatient clinics. FLS interpreters assist these clinics’ physicians and therapists in communication with their patients, thereby providing reassurance and support during convalescence. Our interpreters cover pediatric and adult clinics, which includes surgical, medical, or rehabilitative rechecks and ongoing therapy. FLS’s medically trained and/or certified interpreters play a crucial role in recovery and in ongoing rehabilitation.

Due to the many Spanish speaking families in North Alabama, the majority of our hospital work is in Spanish. However, FLS has also provided French, Creole, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese interpreters whenever needed. When an interpreter is not available, FLS has the ability to set up video conferencing as an alternative.