Translation services require turning one language into another in order that the information can be shared between the two parties. When you get right down to the heart of the matter, technical communications — both written and oral — are the pulse of FLS’s expertise.

FLS has over 35 years of expertise in technical translation and subject matter versatility. From engineering and industrial texts, IT and computer software and hardware manuals, industrial operations and parts manuals, medical and pharmaceutical documentation, and much more — FLS translators and editors follow a tried and true axiom of translation: Use a native speaker of the language to translate from English into that language. Combine that with FLS’s customized Job Process, their T/I Quality Management System, and their strict adherence to corporate Core Values — from start to finish, FLS provides the most comprehensive foreign language technical translations anywhere!

Written Translation may involve handling:

  • Technical articles, patents, manuals, and documentation
  • Legal documents of all types requiring certification
  • Websites and marketing support
  • Documents for government offices and systems

Over the years we have noted that most of our translation work falls into one of following four sectors: