Due to rapid advances in technology, international commerce has never been more accessible than it is today. However, communication issues remain a major obstacle for companies seeking to do international business.

Business Websites and Marketing

Have you expanded your customer base by looking at international markets? As a marketing tool, translating your company’s website, social media, and marketing materials is a necessity in today’s world. Relying on FLS’s experienced professionals ensures that your company’s message is conveyed flawlessly. FLS can coordinate all of your marketing material to assure that it is localized — that is:

  • It reads in the foreign language as smoothly as if it had originated in that language
  • It handles cultural language differences (dialect) and idioms (colloquialisms)
  • It reflects technical content accurately
  • It accurately reflects measurements in size, quantity, etc.
  • It converts currency and reflects date and time according to the norm

Marketing language for websites and other company literature, such as brochures and sales flyers, requires a mixture of subject matter expertise, creativity, and accuracy. FLS’s skilled practice managers match your unique requirements with a translation team that has the appropriate credentials.

Reaching your customers worldwide is not a choice, it is a necessity!

Technical Translation

Technical translation is our forte! Both large and small manufacturers and commercial product/service providers depend on FLS for technical versatility and accuracy.

The commercial and industrial sectors of the marketplace we serve have broad language service needs. Companies invest enormously to develop how-to manuals, sales and marketing support, which include business cards, video translations, brochures, and counter-top displays. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that their materials are handled by skilled translators who keep their native language and all of its nuances intact.

Whether a side-by-side refrigerator manual for an appliance retailer in seven different languages, software user manuals for IT companies, or industrial labels for manufacturers, FLS’s success is found in matching the right of translation team to the task at hand.

Please visit our past performance page for a list of our commercial and industrial customers, past and present.