Whether translating a patent, complaint, or immigration document, FLS specializes in helping its clients in the legal sector communicate.

First and foremost, FLS translators are native speakers of the target language with subject matter expertise and experience in legal translations. Many of these translators hold law degrees from their native country. General business, litigation, complaints, licensing agreements, tax filings, or depositions… the FLS translation team provides the assurance you need to proceed with your legal strategy.

Our translators work around the clock to meet our deadlines. Sometimes, we even have translators working from their homeland while visiting family and refreshing on the newest cultural trends of their native countries! Our translators’ dedication is part of what makes our work exceptional.

Document Certifications

Translating and certifying legal documents for our clients in Alabama, throughout the Southeast and the United States, is an FLS specialty. We certify hundreds of documents every year. Recognized by government agencies and other legal entities, a designated project manager interacts with clients and brings these detailed translations up to a publishable level. These small but significant jobs are very important to our community, our state, and to the wider general public.

In our earliest years in business, FLS realized the potential to assist individuals, thereby helping communities — to have their legal documents authentically translated. One day, a very frustrated person walked into our office to ask for our help. She could not enroll in any college in the state because she only had her original birth certificate and transcripts — but all in Russian. Could we help? We got on the phone with the State of Alabama and other agencies and found that through our business, and using only credentialed professional translators who were not related to this person, the government entities would recognize our translations as official. We developed, at that moment, a statement of certification that we have applied to such documents ever since. Every week we produce translations that are used in legal, medical, or educational settings.

Why not ask a friend or family member to perform such translation… or do the translation yourself? Certification verifies the authenticity of the document and the accuracy of the translation. To be an authentic certified translation, accurately translated, the Job Process begins with an original foreign document. A team of professional linguists translate and edit the document and FLS’s project manager formats the translation to closely resemble the original. A final proofing is the last step in this meticulous process before adding the statement of certification.

What types of documents require certification?

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage licenses
  • Divorce decrees
  • Transcripts
  • Financial support documents
  • And more…

What types of life events require certification?

  • Immigration process
  • Educational admissions
  • Insurance claims and paperwork
  • Financial transactions
  • Legal issues
  • International job application process
  • Establishing residency in a foreign country
  • And more…

FLS has a 100% acceptance rate by all governing authorities. A certified translation comes with a certification statement from FLS, Inc. which declares the accuracy of the translation and bears our corporate seal. FLS’s Job Process ensures each customer an accurate, localized, and expertly formatted translation.

Does longevity count when it comes to translation agencies? We know that it does! What happens when a customer loses the original certified translation? FLS often receives calls asking about a document translated in years past. Most of the time it is a matter of finding that document in our archives, updating the certification, and presenting it to the customer… for only a small fee.

Law Firms and Legal Entities

Answering the need in both the courtroom and other legal settings, FLS translators work tirelessly to supply an accurate and authentic translation, which keep legal customers knowledgeable and informed about their cases.

Our customers who are international corporations rely on FLS to make sure that contracts and documentation are correctly translated, whether they originate from the U.S. company or the foreign customer. Companies involved in litigation must translate millions of words for courtroom and depositions. FLS teams with other agencies in some of the larger cases, all with demanding deadlines.

In the legal sector, our customers needing translation include, but are not limited to:

  • Variety of law firms in Alabama and surrounding states (We hold in confidence our private law firm clients, but we are happy to give references upon request)
  • Variety of economic development arms in Alabama and surrounding states
  • Corporate customers in Alabama and throughout the Southeast