A challenge that all U.S. communities face is the need to supply hospitals, clinics, school systems, social service organizations, and mental health providers with multilingual services. FLS works with these providers daily and we consider it to be some of the most rewarding work we do.

Hospitals and outpatient clinics all over Alabama have asked us to translate documentation allowing patients to understand what procedures they will be undergoing and the best way to recuperate once they are back home. We assist various departments all over the hospital with translation requests, which effectively reinforce our interpreting services at outpatient clinics once the patient is discharged.

Over ten years ago, the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) provided us forms to translate so that families in all 67 counties would be aware of their services. Thus, a family applying for food stamps would be handed a document in their native language and then benefit from an FLS interpreter assisting in communications with the social worker. In 2014-15, FLS translated the phone system voice mail messages for all 67 counties in Alabama so that citizens who require services by the Department of Human Resources would understand how to apply.

What do employees do to keep healthy as a workforce? Oakstone Publishing hired FLS over 17 years ago to translate their workforce newsletters Top Safety, Top Health, and Body Bulletin. Companies subscribe to these helpful newsletters on behalf of their employees, which help readers learn safety and health tips they can apply to their daily routines.