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At Foreign Language Services we provide expert translation services. Your document will be translated by a highly trained linguist who is a native speaker of the target language.

At FLS we work with short, mid-length, and long length documents in any industry including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Education and more!

We are proud to offer the latest in translation technology. Take advantage of our process automation systems and new business models for an innovative and satisfying translation experience.

Certified Translations

At Foreign Language Services we provide certified translations for immigration, legal, marriage, and other personal documents for citizenship, immigration, and legal purposes. We provide a secure process and fast turn-around for most documents.


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The FLS 6-step Quality Process

When working with Foreign Language Solutions you know that you will receive expertly translated products thanks to our 6-step quality process.


At FLS our first step is the pre-editing process. We review the original document to identify potential pitfalls for translators and in some cases re-phrase colloquialisms and idioms to make the text more translatable. At this stage we also create glossaries and confirm terminology preferences with the client.


Quality is not just a matter of correct terminology and proper style. It starts with project analysis, an evaluation of client's needs and expectations, research of industry standards, and selection of the ideal translator.

Native & Experienced Translators

We carefully select that appropriate translator for each project. Translators work in their native language and in their specific areas of expertise. They are selected based on their language proficiency, experience, credentials, and writing skills.

Technical Review

Once the translators have completed the document the translation is inspected for technical accuracy and readability in the target language.


The document is then reviewed to ensure correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, consistent terminology, and completeness.


Finally, the translated text is formatted to match the original layout and design. The document is then prepared for printing or for digital transfer.


  • Discount for high volume jobs
  • No hidden fees
  • 15%-40% cost savings over time

Fast Turnaround

  • Very quick turnaround on short documents
  • Draft translations produced in parallel
  • Synchronized multiple languages

Secure Documents

  • HIPAA-compliant and professional attention
  • Private client portal
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

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