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Corporate Language Training

If you are a global company, then you have encountered language barriers with consumers, partners, and employees. Foreign Language Services designs corporate language courses customized to your specific needs, including immersion training to relocate staff in a foreign country or in the US.

Foreign Language Services provides English as a Second Language and Foreign Language training in Japanese, German, Chinese and more.

Learning a second language requires a methodology developed by skillful and experienced language teachers to help clients succeed.  That is why Foreign Language Services has professional native tutors who provide meticulous, customized training to client personnel to guide them step-by-step through this gratifying journey.

Placement Services

As international companies began expanding their presence into our geographic region in the 1990s, Foreign Language Services met the growing need for bilingual on-premise staff by providing on-site interpreters.  These placement services were crucial elements to successful integration during the startup phase for each company.

For more than forty years we have partnered with many automotive companies answering the communication needs of their workforce and management teams by placing bilingual staff in offices or production plants temporarily or permanently.

Other commonly required services are Translation and Language training such as English as a Second Language or Foreign Language training to personnel placed in the US or in foreign countries.


Foreign Language Services offers fast and professional audio transcription services. We convert recordings of conferences, interviews, board meetings, focus groups and any other audio content into text, in all major languages, at cost-effective prices.


Foreign Language Services is a leading provider of high-quality services aimed at the digitization of documents, optical character recognition, video subtitling, and foreign language voice-overs.


Foreign Language Services also offers website localization services. Localization integrates translation and cultural adaptation to account for differences in various markets. Whether you are designing your website from the ground up or want to create a foreign language version of your existing site, we have the tools, talent, and experience to create premium quality multilingual online content.


Our broad range of linguistic consulting services comprises, among other things, style guide creation, trade name evaluation, proofreading, and technical writing. Our concern is to enhance the effectiveness of our clients’ international operations by ensuring that their message targets the right audience in the right language and tone.

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